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Pool Salt Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinators

With the drastic increases in the price of chlorine, maybe it is time to think about installing a natural pure salt chlorination system.

Saltwater chlorination has become a mainstream feature in the United States over the past 10 years. It is widely preferred because of its ease of maintenance, water quality and ease of algae control. We offer all of the main brands of salt water systems.

Aqua-Rite has captured over 60% of the saltwater chlorination market in the United States and recently became a part of Hayward Pool Products.  Their salt system also integrates with their Aqua-Logic controls.

The Aqua-Rite is made for in-ground pools and the Aqua-Trol is a smaller system that is made for above ground pools.

The Aqua-Pure salt chlorine generator is one of our best sellers because of its wealth of unique features including a tri-sensor, cell current regulation, integration with Jandy AquaLink systems and in-house cell engineering and manufacturing

The Aqua-Pure system has been on the market for about 15 years, previously under the Chlormatic brand name. 

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Pasco: (727) 862-7727 | Pinellas: (727) 442-7665 | Sarasota: (941) 379-9936 | Hillsborough: (813) 628-0042
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